Viaplant – COLUMA

The crystal-clear binding material and the translucent propertyof plant parts inspired us to see Viaplant as more than justcovering material, to have it function as more than merelyadded-value to the objects around us, but to have it use plantsand light to offer a wholly innovative experience in the market of furniture and design objects. This is how the Columna lampand furniture collection was born. In the design phase, we tookthe basic cube as a starting point, using the tension stemmingfrom how this basic engineering form contrasts with but stillfollows the organic logic of nature. We have also kept thesignificance of the joint presence of both practical and aesthetic aspects firmly in mind. Minimalistic design, easyusability and the appropriate emphasis of the material’s sightserved as the key aspects. Viaplant lamp shades are made from6 different plants. We have selected them to fulfil various and diverse needs, with the collection made up of colder and warmer tones, loose and flowing patterns. These include grass, smallweed, reed, roses and painted hay. Most of the lamps aredimmable with remote control and mobile application. The colour temperature is adjustable between 4000K – 2000K. The bases for the furniture and table-lamps are made from surface-treated solid wood, with the shades made from Viaplantcomposite. The floor lamps in the COLUMNA lamp and furniture collection come in two variants: one with a woodenbase and one with a steel frame base. The coffee tables in thecollection are available both with and without the drawer.


Viaplant -OBLIQ

The OBLIQ furniture collection includes an illuminatednightstand and a coffee table, which combine nature, light, and functionality in their design. The classic proportions exudeelegance, while the color and texture of the illuminated plantsproduce a calm and serene atmosphere.


Viaplan – HEDRON

The form of HEDRON comes from our design process, whichaims to minimize the amount of materials wasted. We utilizethe remnants from the manufacturing of other products tocreate the distinct shape of the HEDRON luminaire, whichcan function as a floor lamp, table decoration, or pendantlamp.



The distinctive feature of Viaplant panels is their opaquetranslucency, which results in a spectacular result whenilluminated. This decorative, emotive surface that evokesnature can appear as a picture or mood lighting in the interior