Augmented Art Tour – Dóra Maurer Exhibition

We created a virtual tour to honour the Hungarian Day of Painting through Dóra Maurer’s current exhibition at Tate Modern. Join us!

Tate Modern honours the work of Hungarian painter Dóra Maurer with a one-year exhibition. As it is the Hungarian Day of Painting on the 18th October, two Hungarian startups (ArtConscious and ARe) have designed special guided tours around the exhibition, to tell their own narrative in an unusual and exciting way.

ARe is, essentially, a customizable online guide built on urbanism, which offers numerous
opportunities and important information. ARe is your smartest friend.

ArtConscious is an award-nominated creative marketplace, a one-stop-shop for buying and renting art with a mission to build a bridge between international collectors and emerging artists and designers. 


Day of Hungarian Painting: 

On the 18th October. This day was named after the Evangelist Luke, the patron saint of artists.