If you don't want to miss out on the latest unique AR projects in visual arts, fashion, design gastronomy and urbanism, browse through the pop-up section! You will always find something to your liking whether you are to explore places here, at home, or if you are to go abroad.
Our current projects:
ARe fashion
Design and Fashion compass. Soon, with the help of the ARe app, you can display custom-designed furniture or even a bag of shoes even in your own home. What’s more, you’ll soon be able to watch unique fashion poems on the go, as if they’re on the front row of Fashion Week!
At Roastopus, not only green coffee, roasting, but also individual packaging is an essential part of enjoying coffee. Whether it's an automatic coffee machine or a simple chatterbox, the eight-armed barista is sure to find the right one for you!
Head to Berlin and discover the best of street art!
Come with us to Bricklane and discover the best of street art!