Nieto Light


The iconic piece of Nieto Light. Minimalist and flamboyant, the extravagant yet natural approach to indoor lighting. A body characterized by intricate details and purity which does not conform to the current trends but transcends them and creates new ones. A ceiling mounted, specifically designed indoor lighting body composed of a pressed aluminum hemisphere with a 3D printed body all covered in charming rose gold. Clean, industrial, yet organic and elegant.



The unique experience of metal metamorphosis – the elements of the detailed lamp-body emits light while bringing a sense of space and energy to the space. Obesus is more than a light: it is a philosophy.  A rolled aluminum profile with 3D printed body, all with a titanium coating. Its unique structure and shape makes every space a permanent experience.



Minimalist, yet outspoken – the addition of a calming nature to your home and office. Ceiling-suspended, industrial yet green-appearing, clear light, from a pressed aluminum hemispherical body shape. The inner surface of the lamp is lined with preserved moss, which gives the user a pleasant, near-natural feeling, contributing to an ergonomic space. The color of the lamp base can be selected from the RAL color selection paired with a variety of surface structures.


Inspired by nature, and embodied in the modern art of the body with special light effects for new interior experiences. Suspended ambient lamp, in a special mart acrylic body, with a wide range of colors and structures which allow for the easy integration of this lamp into a wide variety of interior spaces – giving off a unique lighting.