How to use
How to use it?
The edge of your telephone’s field of view should be adjusted to the edge of the shorter sides of the object wished to be scanned. In the case of a statue or building, the shorter side should be the pedestal or foundation of the statue/building, and the top of the same should be the other shorter side. This means that your telephone should be in your hands vertically, and the object wished to be scanned should fill up the field of view as described above and seen in the image.
What to do if nothing is displayed on the screen?
First of all, check your internet connection (4G, Wi-Fi), and, if possible, stand in opposite to the object you wish to scan. Take a step or two forward and backwards and also to the right and to the left. Make sure you scan an object that is featured in the app and also that you are scanning the object of your choice in a manner described above (i.e. it should fill up the field of vision of your telephone).
Much more than an app
ARe is a location-based experience: it grabs the users’ attention and informs them in an entertaining way. The outstanding service provides unique digital content with the help of augmented reality, which is only available at the given location. The WOW effect is caused by the connection of offline and online spaces in excess of visuality: “it is not there, and yet it is there.” And all we need for this is our mobile phone or tablet (right at our hands anyway), and the adventure can begin!
With the help of ARe, “free scanning” in the city becomes possible. Soon we will be able to scan almost everything complemented with relevant content interesting for everyone, so that City could “open up” to those open to explore the world even more.
Your smartest friend
ARe is, essentially, a customizable online guide built on urbanism, offering numerous opportunities and important information. Besides learning what is hidden behind a captivating façade of a tenement house, or what there is to know about the lions of the Chain Bridge, you will get tips about where the best cafés and coolest restaurants of the city are, and you can als get to know the most important players of the design scene of Budapest. Are is your smartest friend. It allows you to go on exciting tours, the stops of which only depend on you. There are no guided tours, nothing is compulsory. You can explore the city in your own rhythm, based on your own interests, on foot, with a scooter or a bike, regardless of the weather or the time of day, so that it can be truly Your Budapest experience!
Berlin and London will soon be available on ARe!