Expanded thinking

“I was interested in philosophy, but philosophy of art makes me angry. But I enjoyed Josef Alber’s book Interaction of Color, which I translated into Hungarian, or I read manifestos of avant-garde artists. Anton Webern, composer, explained in his 1933 lectures how to make music; the very conscious and sensitive way to work with elements like sound, proportions, movements. That was much more interesting to me than theory. I wanted to work like the musicians but in visual art.”

Colour dynamics


“Movement in respect to the conceptual and factual effects of displacement”

Immersive art: 

The Guardian: ‘As the cold war approached its close in the 1980s, and with travel between east and west easier, Maurer discovered a new way to be free. In 1983, she was commissioned to paint in a medieval tower in Buchberg in Austria. She invented what she calls “space paintings”, dynamic installations that are half way between canvas and mural – and she hasn’t looked back. The passion for geometric design and love of disorder that collide in her conceptual art are indulged with glorious energy in her paintings.’  More…