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Nude paintings and augmented reality against breast cancer

Breast cancer affects every eighth woman in Hungary today – this is what Virág Judit Gallery and Hungarian association Bridge of Health – Alliance Against Breast Cancer strived to draw attention to with the help of DDB creative agency and ARe, via a joint campaign. 

The project was shortlisted twice at the Cannes festival of creativity in 2019. The festival’s jury appreciated the creative idea combining animation and augmented reality, through which the classic paintings literally come to life owing to the ARe mobile application. 

Creative concept

Virág Judit Gallery hosted an interactive exhibition in the course of which guests could learn how to complete a breast exam on their own bodies correctly with the help of three classic paintings by Hungarian painters and augmented reality. 

With the help of the ARe mobile application, the female nudes depicted on the paintings literally came to life in the virtual space, and told – and also demonstrated to – the visitors the correct way to do a breast exam in each month to detect the symptoms of breast cancer as early as possible, in the form of animated content. 

Disease prevention through the most modern marketing communication tool

Unfortunately there isn’t enough talk about it, yet breast cancer constitutes a very serious problem in today’s society. In Hungary, it affects one out of eight women. Approximately 7500 new patients are registered each year, and it takes roughly 2300 lives away on an annual basis. Just like in the case of all tumorous diseases, the earliest possible diagnosis is of key importance in the case of breast cancer, too, and so doctors recommend at least one self-examination each month so that we can detect any tiny change on our bodies.

However, how this should be done correctly gets less attention, and so Virág Judit Gallery, the association titled Bridge of Health – Alliance Against Breast Cancer and ARe attempted to tackle this problem in the framework of a joint project.

All the visitors of the exhibition had to do was to download and launch the ARe mobile application and to scan the paintings exhibited with the camera of their phones as if they were taking a photo. Then the phone’s screen projected extra animated elements onto the paintings and educated the visitors with a completely unique visual solution.

The animations brought to life by the telephone’s camera displayed the process of the breast exam in one minute, while offering a truly exciting user experience. Thanks to the extraordinary implementation, they managed to capture and keep the visitors’ attention effectively, they called attention to the importance of self-examination and the prevention of breast cancer while also entertaining the visitors.

The project made it to two shortlists at the 2019 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity for its creative solution, which was able to reach the participants’ stimulus-threshold, increase their engagement and their commitment to the topic playfully, by innovatively augmenting traditional imagery with the help of AR.