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ARe – intuitive and interactive user interface right at the border of our virtual and real world

Up until now, only pilot projects of varying size and pop-up type of solutions have been brought to life in relation to augmented reality (AR), which were mostly campaigns tied either to time or space. As its development requires specific knowledge (having a degree or experience in general program development is not enough), finding the link between AR development, users and the market was not easy for a long time. This is a global issue, since as opposed to VR, which was a hit on the game development and telephone market almost immediately, AR is still in its infancy, especially in the EU.


Each year brings new prophecies about when the use of AR will become a mass market application, not only in the entertainment market but also in business life. The technological background is developing on a continuous basis, ideas that have been tried before are coming back in ever newer versions in better quality, this way promoting more and more experience-like use. This is what happened to the application previously known as AR city Budapest and debuting today as ARe, available in Hungarian and English languages, presenting more than 50 locations in Budapest in a playful and interactive manner.

Although this field of the market has become more and more competitive recently, ARe offers many advantages in opposition to its competitors: it is hyperlocal, which means that it takes you to places you won’t find on tourist routes; it displays the online content with advanced accuracy; it tells a story about the particular AR locations, this way, the user can engage with the experience offered by the application even more; users can explore the city without the need of constantly checking their phone  – they are present in the moment, they observe and experience; and, last, but not least, the app does not collect or store any personal data.

It is important that ARe does not target and advertise based on data; it informs in a playful manner while increasing engagement – then, with the help of quality data, it is/will be possible to create more specific campaigns.

Besides all of this, the best feature of the app is that the target audience engages in the activity voluntarily so that they can get the unique digital content and the newest and most important information – either in relation to a product or another service – this way, the “design” itself carries the marketing message…

The ARe service will soon be available in Berlin and London!

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