Augmented reality could save the fashion industry - the application of ARe, a Hungarian startup could substitute for the cancelled fashion shows.

With the help of the new augmented reality application, we can now see clothes, artworks or any other products that are not with us in reality in photorealistic 3D display.

If one thinks technologies based on augmented reality only make the hearts of those workingin Silicon Valley skip a beat, they couldn’t be more wrong: many global creative and fashion brands are now incorporating augmented reality (AR) into their business strategies all acrossthe world.

And why do we need augmented reality so badly right now? The situation caused by the Covid-19 epidemic brought a massive change in people’s shopping habits, and this also affected large-scale fashion shows: they were replaced by online and pop-up events, and fashion enthusiasts can now access almost all information in the digital space.

This is where the ARe app comes into the picture by providing assistance to them, offering a new dimension of online shopping to customers. ARe brings to life previously static clothing items, bags, shoes and other fashion accessories and displays them in a photorealistic form: with the help of the application, the user gets a super-accurate image of the product from all sides whenever and wherever - just like sitting first row at a fashion show.

ARe’s developer team has done dozens of projects since 2013, with each of them raising attention to the added value of augmented reality-based technology: they grab the attention of users and engage them, while providing entertainment and education at the same time. The audience could have already met their projects at several Hungarian Design Weeks, as well as various creative events in London.

In their latest campaign, Alma Vetlényi’s zero waste clothing items, Gabriella Veszprémi’sextravagant shoe collection made without sartorial waste and Judit Horváth Lóci’s spatial paintings come to life: with a single click, the user can view the special clothes, accessories and artworks presented in a richly detailed, photo-realistic manner from all sides, and can also purchase them directly at the ArtConscious online store.

The development offers excitement to users as finally they get to decide whether they order a piece of clothing or accessory online in a truly life-like manner, via a fascinating and cool platform, but ARe also offers countless opportunities to fashion industry corporations wishingto offer a novel experience to their customers, through the screens of their smartphones.

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