Research-based spatial app and e-commerce solution.


Augmented reality creates an interactive customer journey and increases customer commitment while simplifying sales and support showcasing new models, alternate colours or design variations.


Augmented reality technology can transform car sales by offering customers a more immersive and interactive buying experience. AR seamlessly blends the virtual world with the physical one, empowering prospective buyers to explore, customize, and make well-informed decisions with confidence.


Generative AI focuses on generating autonomous content for the gaming industry. By using our own generative prompt-to-image AI platform, players or developers can produce unique designs and characters in gaming.


Our own machine-learning platform, Papaya AI was used to create an evening gown by a young ‘Forbes 30-under-30’ fashion designer. Using the world’s first generative AI for fashion, the design process became playful and more sustainable.


Based on our research partnerships we become one of the world’s first ones to develop applications for Apple Vision Pro and spatial environments. Our scalable and researched UX, UI and front-end developments are well-grounded and researched; while content for spatial platforms is created with PapayaAI, our own machine-learning prompt-to-image platform.


The PapayaAI platform is our own programmed machine learning algorithm-based platform that is trained specifically for the creative segment (fashion and design) with high-quality datasets. It enables rapid and personalized prototyping, allowing designers to explore countless creative possibilities quickly. The platform enhances trend forecasting by generating realistic and detailed fashion concepts, while the datasets ensure the AI produces visually appealing and accurate designs. See a video of a design process, a designer creating an evening gown with our AI for an actress for the red carpet.

Creating experiences for the next generation.

We believe in the positive impact we can have in the world. As brands & designers need to master the art of storytelling and fuel their clients’ imagination, we are here to help them with the right tools. AR Analytics is creating visual extensions showcasing products in virtual reality for an immersive product experience.

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